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Welcome to BCAS Campus

Modern tertiary education institution that offers courses in applied training in a variety of trades. We give students the skills they require to work both in Sri Lanka and in the International market place.

The applied learning approach combines classroom lessons with hands on practical experience wherever possible, so that the students when passing out not only know the theory of their subject, but the practical application of their skills as well.

"The products of BCAS are talented, creative and smart."


Another Achivement by BCASAnother Achivement by BCAS.

May 18 2016

The Chairman of BCAS Campus Eng Abdur Rahman has received an international award recently in recognition of his glorious service to the development of education in Sri Lanka through his private entity.

  • Law students court visit

    March 29 2016

  • Inauguration of the Association for Business Management

    March 05 2016

  • BCAS Campus’ Tie-up with Kotalawala Defence University

    February 10 2016

  • BCAS Research Symposium

    December 18 2015

  • Desk to lead - let’s give a hand to needy Students

    December 18 2015

    One of the Social projects of Business M

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