Feb 2, 2022

Orientation – Top-up Degree Programmes, Solent University, UK

The years 2020 and 2021 were bumpy for BCAS with the frequent lockdowns due to the spread of Covid 19 pandemic. The entire global growth got devastated with the onset of pandemic and the world faced a very bad omen. Yet, BCAS, like many other frontline institutions in Sri Lanka, was able to survive, thanks to the determination and perceptive planning of both academic administration and operations teams.

Like all other educational institutions from schools to colleges and universities around
the world, BCAS, too, switched its teaching process to online mode. Through this system learning continued uninterruptedly. A fulltime team of senior lecturers of IT department supported by networking crew facilitated the effective transition of all educational activities virtually. The relentless support of IT staff in general cannot be gauged in words. At the same
time, dedication and enthusiasm of our excellent faculty /administration staff and
students combined with the state-of-the art teaching and research facilities continued as usual and ensured that the College is geared to meet whatever challenges.

We salute our students for their cooperation, endurance and determination to stay afoot on the learning curve despite the covid-triggered uncertainties and emerge as useful citizens of Sri Lanka. Lately, high demand for white and blue collar workers has been reported in Canada, the Middle East and the UK from Asian countries and Sri Lanka cannot be exception. This will definitely bring in the much-needed foreign exchange. The consistent number of students enrolled with BCAS for various courses even during the two years of uncertain environment is a proof of trust the students and parents have had on the credibility of BCAS. They are distributed to multiple streams of study programmes (HND, Bachelors and Masters plus TVEC-approved courses) run in five campuses in Colombo, Mount Lavania, Kandy, Jaffna and Kalmunai. Besides Pearson’s BTEC HNDs, BCAS deliver eleven Bachelors (top-up) in (1) Law, (2) Civil Engineering, (3) Quantity Surveying, (4) Business Studies, (5) Biomedical Science, (6) Computer System and Networking, (7) Software Engineering, (8) Business IT, (9) Cyber Security, (10) Accounting and Finance, (11) Nursing and two Masters – MSc Project Management and Global MBA